About Us

Harold Wiggs Middle School opened its doors to 6th - 8th grade students from Lamar, Houston, and Crockett Schools in January 1987.  Since those doors opened, Wiggs Middle School has built and cultivated a safe culture and environment of care to ensure that all students learn and achieve. 

Students mainly come from our feeder elementary schools:  Lamar, Mesita, and Vilas.  Some students from Dr. Green Elementary register at Wiggs, too. 

Wiggs is home to Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos, an innovative dual-language program.  This is the only middle school in the district that offers this unique program, continuing the learning from Mesita Elementary, and preparing them for the rigor of the high school magnet curriculum at El Paso High School.


The mission of the Wiggs Middle School community of faculty, parents and students is to actively engage all students in critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication knowing that these skills are essential to successful, 21st century employment and citizenship.