Academic Performance

Wiggs Middle School takes pride in our academics.  For the past few years, our student passing rate on TAKS and STAAR tests have placed Wiggs in the top five middle schools in our district. At the end of the 2015-16 school year, Wiggs placed top among 40 similar schools in the state of Texas in Closing Achievement Gap and in the top 25 in College Readiness.  This reflects brightly on teacher dedication to excellence in quality teaching, dedication to the goals of seeing academic success in all our students, and to the students who are dedicated to doing their very best every day.n  "We Can. We Will!"

The Wiggs staff continuously focuses on the whole child exposing the student to the Fine Arts, Physical Education and Health, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Social/Emotional Learning.  We believe in molding a well-rounded student ready to move on to higher education in high school and beyond.

Please check our annual plans to helping students succeed, reaching out to our community, involving teachers in their own growth as professionals, school safety, and accountability. These plans are located in the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) below.  Click on the link to view this year's CIP.  

Campus Improvement
2016 Campus Improvement Plan (under construction)