Jones, Lonnie

Learning Is Awesome...

Welcome! My name is Mr. Lonnie Jones.  I have been a  teacher for over 23 years, 15 years here at Wiggs.  I teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts.   This coming school year, I will teach 6th grade Humanities.

  Students are expected to follow the classroom rules as well as the school rules(dress code- uniform), courtesy, and respect for all.  Students will be taught social studies and language arts lessons that will be challenging and exciting.

Parents may contact me by email at: .
Let’s have a great year!

Please check your child's agenda daily!

Please check your child's Journal weekly!

Please check your child's Vocabulary Notebook weekly!

Any questions or concerns, contact me at




I read everyday!
I want my students to read everyday! 
The book is still the greatest invention ever!  Not the smartphone, not the tablet, and not the computer.  The book!