Barraza-Tynan, Denise

Science Fair Info
Link to Register on Scienteer: REGISTER HERE

Science Fair Info 2016.docx - This document includes the forms that were given to students. It includes a more detailed breakdown of what is expected for each section. This also includes the timeline of when sections of the project are due.

To have people participate in your project you need to have the following forms signed before people participate. If they are under 18 they need their parents to sign the forms.

Human Participants Form

Texas Ecoregions Websites:

Map of Ecoregion
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Texas Parks and Wildlife Plants
Texas Ecoregions Detailed Information
Endangered Animals by Ecoregion
Excellent Ecoregion Info


I love science and am passionate about being a life long learner. Thanks for visiting! This is my 6th year of teaching and I absolutely love sharing my passion for science.
I started my science passion at Bel Air High School Health Profession Magnet School. I then went to St. Mary's and graduated with a Bachelors in Biology. My sophomore year at St. Mary's I discovered my passion for Education through the San Antonio Zoo Education Department. I worked with the San Antonio Zoo for 8 years and loved it so much I changed my career to Education. I completed my Masters Degree in Science Curriculum at Our Lady of the Lake University and have been teaching ever since.
This is my second year at Wiggs Middle School and I absolutely love working here. My goal for my students is to light a spark in them towards science. I feel great pride and joy when I can see their excitement and their desire to learn science has been ignited.
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