Parker, Mary Lou

Tropical Flower

Philosophy of Education

Just as every flower is unique, each student is different.  However, all flowers and students begin as a bud, unfold their potential, and flourish in the optimum environment.  The goal of this class is to support students in a structured environment, giving students skills to successfully continue their learning in any chosen field through their life.

B.A. in Journalism from UT El Paso, M.A. in Sociology from UT El Paso, and Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Oregon.  I am certified K-12 in Special Education, K-12 in School Counseling, and Language Arts/Reading 4-8.

Brief Description of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that becomes evident in a student's ability to easily read, write, and/or spell.  Many dyslexic students have trouble reading words in isolation, spelling, and tend to have slow oral reading.  The result is often an inability to comprehend reading passages, to write clearly and logically, and an aversion to reading either for pleasure or for information.

EPISD is using the Wilson framework (12 levels) which concentrates on phonemic awareness while increasing fluency and reading comprehension. In addition, the district uses Mind Play's My Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC), a computerized program that is based on industry-standard phonemic awareness/phonics instruction, fluency, and reading comprehension.  The program tests the student and places the child into a sequence that pinpoints both strengths and weaknesses.  It provides immediate feedback and multiple reports for both student and teacher.MVRC provides a comprehensive test at the beginning of the student's work and periodically monitors his or her progress.

I also teach two sections of Resource Reading and English.  The objective is to teach these intertwined subjects with district curriculum that is modified in teacher method as well as speed and amount of material covered.

Materials Needed

Lined paper
Composition Notebook
Pencil and pen


Room 310
Dyslexia -- 1st period
Resource Reading/English -- 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th periods


Contact Information

 To contact me, please call 236-3600. My e-mail address  My conference period is 8th period (2:04-2:50 pm). However, I am available for meeting parents at other scheduled times.